The Elusive Hog-Shroom

Umami – the basic tastes of meat is, curiously enough, is not just present in flesh. Veg too can, apparently be meaty and very Umami. In my search for dishes very high on the Umami meter, I found mushrooms. Specifically truffles.

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IMG_20160407_201833-2It’s a conspiracy. We have been taught a lie. There aren’t just four basic tastes – salt, sweet, sour and bitter. There is a fifth. A taste group so elusive so secretive that it was only discovered in 1908.

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Vegetarian Test Run – Pasta and Fries


You are a hard-core meat eater. A myriad collection of animal bits and pieces populate your dreams. You have taken a special someone out for a good meal to that awesome place you know of. Your guest turns out to be vegetarian…. boom… Decision time – Eat your favourite juicy, meaty, perhaps RED delicacy you had been dreaming of for the past hour and kill the date. Or kill that truest part of your being and concede to palate bland food that you decree to be fit only for cattle.

Are there only two choices??? Must I fall victim no matter what I choose?? There has to be another option.

In this blog I explore vegetarian food that is palatable by us hard-core carnivores. Food that while being intrinsically vegetarian, has that full, rich sharp and sometimes pungent flavours that we crave.

With this blog in your hands, or perhaps pockets, it should not matter whether you are stuck in a vegetarian relationship or been told to be off meat for good, you will be able to find food that, while veg will somewhat assuage your meat cravings.

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