Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot

Way back in the day, when flying horses were still a thing, Bellerophon faced off against the deadly chimera. A week back I faced off against something similar – the Mysore Masala Chopsuey Dosa. I had entered the weird and terrifying world of Mumbai’s street Dosas.

The picture above, which very strongly resembles a small animal after an encounter with a vehicle, is said Dosa – crispy exterior with a hot steaming mass of noodles covered in red masala and tomato chunks streaming out. It was intimidating. It was enthralling. It was delicious!

To understand this Dosa, one needs to understand how it is made. The entire store is essentially a large table with three coal powered ‘tawas’. Each tawa has cooking on it one Dosa. The man behind these it is efficiency in human form. He moves from one Dosa to the other– rolling one up, smearing the other with chutney and gunpowder, filling the third with paneer–with the grace and speed of a master whack-a-mole player. My Dosa was forged in these fires.img_20170118_200129

The Mysore Masala Chopsuey Dosa is a four layered construct. First comes the Dosa. The batter is expertly spread on the tawa and is allowed to fry for some time. Then comes the butter. There is something to be said about the quantity of the butter used -not a teaspoon, not even a table spoon – the sheer quantity that is used in the making of this Dosa is prodigious. After the heart-stopping helping of milk fats melt properly, chopped tomatoes and onions are heaped onto it. Then comes the noodles, heaped once more on the paper thin Dosa. It is then rolled and the ‘masala’ along with the noodles are dumped onto a plate.

Does it look like roadkill? Yes

Does it taste good? To be blunt – Yeah.

There is something to be said of the tangy sweetness of the tomatoes complementing perfectly the slight umami if the Dosa. The body and softness of the noodles playing off the light crispy the Dosa proper. While this Dosa (and to be fair half the Dosas on the Menu) is likely to put off more than a few people, it has my stamp of approval.

The Mysore Masala Chopsuey was but one of the Dosas I tried during my time in  Mumbai. There was the exotic Schezwan Cheese Dosa – a Dosa brimming with sharp tang, giving way to the creaminess of molten processed cheese! I had also tried the Paneer Sada Dosa a super crispy Dosa with an amazingly soft paneer filling. Of course one cant forget the cheese chilly Dosa. Simplicity at it’s very core, following universal formula -Dosa + Cheese + Chilli = Wow.

So far I have tried at least 20 percent of the items on menu and am about a 100 percent out of cash. 

Well, I still have 7 months left in this city, might as well make use of that time!


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