Red Velvet Cheese Cake Paratha – a date with disaster

I was hungry. I was alone. I was desperate. I fired up the Swiggy app. I scrolled down. I found the Red Velvet Cheese Cake Paratha. I knew then that I had stumbled on something special. something potentially life altering. Something unique

There are times  when we come to a crossroad in our lives. We are forced with a choice. A irrevocable decision. A judgement that will dictate out path forwards. Forever.

This was one of those times. My life thus far flashed before my eyes and drawing from the many years of experience I had on this planet I made my decision. I called a friend and together we headed out – our destination Paranthe Walli Gally , Southern Avenue – home of the Red Velvet Cheesecake Paratha. Continue reading “Red Velvet Cheese Cake Paratha – a date with disaster”


Obfuscating Appearances

I had always been aware of two distinct species of pizzas ,the first of which resides primarily in bakeries. They as moist as the nose of an over enthusiastic dog and thicker than your average physics text book. They are also tough ,  much like chicken that had seen too many winters come and go. Lastly, they are small. And yes, they are topped with 100% processed cheese. Delish…..

The second kind of pizza is infinitely more respectable. Soft, juicy, topped with great mozzarella (or Parmesan if you are lucky) , and these usually find themselves home in Italian restaurants. Essentially this, for me, was always the only kind of pizza I ever wanted to eat. This changed after I moved to Mumbai. Continue reading “Obfuscating Appearances”

Something New

There is only a handful of times when you get the joy of tasting something completely new, something that you have never tasted before. You toy with it, roll it on your tongue, try to find the most exact, perfect word to describe what you are tasting. You take another bite, and you discover something new, and that word you thought of – the one which you were going to use to describe what you just ate to your friends – that word, suddenly does not do the food justice, and you start the process all over again.

I experienced something similar at The Bohemian, Kolkata, a day back, and it was glorious! Continue reading “Something New”

Double Reconstruction – The (veg) Samui Benedict

Eggs Benedict is an iconic breakfast dish. Created in 1894 by Lemuel Benedict, who at the time trying to cure a massive hangover, ordered for buttered toast, crispy bacon, poached eggs and a whole lot of hollandaise sauce, all put together on a single plate, and thus a legendary dish was born.

The Legendary Eggs Benedict

Bikers café in Elgin, Kolkata has Eggs Benedict in its breakfast menu. However, what’s really interesting is the item listed just beneath it. Eggs Samui benedict. Continue reading “Double Reconstruction – The (veg) Samui Benedict”

Smoke, not Fire.

Tomato soup with Kaffir lime leafs- it’s brilliant, Simple, elegant and so very good!

I was going to write about this wonderful soup, until about a few hours before writing this article. You see, in those few short hours, I found a new soup to write about. Granted the base is still the same – tomatoes, with all the tang and punch that entails. The difference lies in the preparation of the above, which adds something truly miraculous.

Smoked tomato soup. Continue reading “Smoke, not Fire.”